Project Description

The Problem:
The elevated breezeways and landings were originally constructed with concrete poured over OSB with no waterproofing or drainage mat. Within 7 years of being built, water intrusion into the concrete and below OSB and framing caused significant structural rot.

The Solution:
While providing full time resident access into their units, we deconstructed each 3 story breezeway stair system, and demolished and disposed of the concrete, OSB, and rotten framing. New structural framing members were installed, along with new plywood, saddles, and diverter flashings. New concrete was poured, and a 3 coat NeoGard traffic coating system was applied to the breezeway / stair landing assembly. Stair stringers, treads, and rails were re-installed. Project completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

Jory Trail Apartments

8750 SW Ash Meadows Rd, Wilsonville, OR

324 units